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Fish Pedicure

"Fish Pedicure", mostly common in the Far East, is now known everywhere in the world – including Israel. The treatment occurs with unique cleaning fish that have the ability to clean dry feet and sick  skin (such as - Psoriasis disease). It works like this- people put their feet into a pond or an aquarium (it is also possible to have the whole body inside) and at the end of the process of the Spa Fish Pedicure  a whole newer skin which is clean, smooth and healthy is provided!

The unique fish doing that job is called "Garra Rufa". It is the ultimate cleaning fish, the best in the market, eats everything and without stopping! Hence, Fish Pedicure is totally natural pedicure, whereby Garra Rufa fish eat skin that is dead, dry or sick. These fish are teethless and therefore bleeding, bites and any kind of pain is impossible and we should not fear it.Moreover, Fish pedicure is even quite fun, tickling and relaxing, that's why it is also called "Fish Spa".

It's very important to mention that not every Fish Pedicure in the world contains this exact species of the Garra Rufa fish. Some are big and scary, some have teeth and some just do not do a good work. The Garra Rufa we sell is the ultimate species, without any disadvantage, long living and the only one that has healthy enzyme which guarantees appropriate and enjoyable treatment. In Israel, Jordan River Garra Rufa Farm is the exclusive manufacturer that breeds these Garra Rufas and raises them to any size that are necessary for a perfect Fish Pedicure.

Jordan River Garra Rufa  manufactures variety of Fish Spa Pedicure systems suited particularly for the customer, whether it is for business or a private use. The systems are complete and include all the needed equipment, from the fish to the wood covering the fish tank and further to  comfortable seat pillows. In order to maintain proper healthy spa system we install the best automatic maintenance devices. Jordan River Garra Rufa supports its clients until gaining fully independence . From this point on , all that's left is to enjoy magical Fish Pedicure!

To summarize, if you own a spa or a cosmetic institute, it's strongly recommended to upgrade it with Fish Pedicure system, we will guarantee your success!

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